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This series of photos, shot over the fall/winter throughout Brooklyn and the Bronx, consist entirely of discarded objects found on the street. These objects show the lonliness of something once regarded as a prized and beautiful possession, now used and cast aside. But they're not to be seen as dead and forgotten, rather they possess a feeling of hope, sitting on the cold, gray street, waiting for someone new to come along and save them. To make them new again.

My favorite thing about these images are the stories behind them and the characters each one begins to resemble. I see some as funny and some as sad.

The image to the right happened by a matter of chance. I had run out of film in my Holga 120 medium-format camera and popped into a nearby cafe to reload. When I came out, the t.v. had suddenly appeared and the sun was setting at just the right moment to make the street start to seem dark while the building above still brightly lit in the evening dusk. I see this t.v. feeling sad, looking back up at its owner in the building above wondering why it was tossed away.